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Thinking About Resale

Often we see buyers with short term thinking when considering their property purchase. This is okay, however, smart buyers will think beyond their own needs.

Smart buyers think about the resale of the property.

Even if your next purchase is a property to live in, it is still an investment that has the potential to grow in value and ultimately, be sold one day.

Thinking about a future sale is key! Here are four things to consider about resale

  1. Is the property in an ideal location?
    Access to local amenities, train stations, shopping centres and schools will always assist with a great resale price as a location is not changeable. Although the location might be ideal for
    you and your needs, is it also suitable for future purchasers?
  2. School Zones
    Not only for your own family but for potential buyers in the future who may have children, is your property located in a sought-after school zone? In a country where we value excellent education, this characteristic of a property will make it favourable
  3. Street Appeal
    Having a property located in a street that is well maintained can add value. Don’t forget to drive up and down the street to see if your neighbours are also house proud and keep their gardens neat and appealing. Being the owner of an amazing house is great but not beneficial if your house is standard above the rest of the street. People buy into an area, not just a
  4. Floorplan
    A logical and well-thought-out floorplan means future buyers don’t put the property in the ‘too hard basket’. Even if the floorplan isn’t the ultimate right now, what can you do to change it and add value? Do you need to seek the assistance of a structural engineer?

Remember, thinking beyond your own property purchase is essential to ensure a great return!

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