Common Mistakes Made At An Open Home

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Common Mistakes Made At An Open Home

So you’ve started your property search and now every Saturday is filled with back to back open homes. You feel like you’re racing from one thing to the next and by the time you land on your couch at 3pm, it all seems a bit too much.

Open homes are meant to be the exciting part of the property journey, but many people make the following common mistakes.

  1. Being fixated on the styling
    The vendor wants their house to go for the maximum price possible and therefore, put effort into make their property look attractive. Many selling agents will recommend for vendors to enlist the help of a professional stylist to create a WOW factor. Your job as a buyer is to see beyond this. The home doesn’t come with the L shaped leather couch or the fluffy cushions on the bed. Do not get fixated on the style, instead, focus on the structural and functional components of the property.
  2. Don’t complete a video walk through
    If you are attended four or more open homes in one morning, chances are you’re going to forget the key features of each one without getting confused. There is an easy way to avoid this complete a video walk through! At times this can be a little difficult if the open home has attracted a large crowd but agents are usually more than happy for your complete a video so you can look back at it later and have it to show your family and friends.
  3. Fail to plan
    You need to make the most of the time on a Saturday, especially when stock levels are higher in the Spring selling season. Plan ahead and ensure you know the distance between each open home so you can keep an eye on the clock and not miss out. It is possible to attend a 10am, 10:30am and 11am all back to back if you plan your journey ahead of time.
  4. Get distracted by other buyers
    You are there for you and you alone. Too many times we have seen buyers get distracted by others who are attending the open home and sometimes leave feeling like others have a larger budget or they have more chance of buying the property. This mistake is all too common and can create unnecessary stress. Real Estate is competitive in nature but letting it distract you is never good idea. Instead, focus on your plan of action to secure the property.

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