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property buyers coach Melbourne

Emily Wallace


After leaving her teaching career to pursue interests in the Real Estate industry, Emily realised there is so much information for sellers but very little for buyers.

Understanding that not every homebuyer can afford a personal buyers agent, Emily set out to make it easier to access education and support for a smarter, more informed home purchase.

Property is Emily’s passion and she aims to help others experience not only the joy of a home purchase but the financial security that can go along with it.


Meet The Buying Coach

Created to reduce the confusion around purchasing property, The Buying Coach provides the support homebuyers need to find the right home and bid at auction or negotiate with confidence.

Operated by real estate professionals, we provide education, consultation and property inspections to help you make the best decisions and secure the property of your dreams.

Who We Help

Based in Melbourne, The Buying Coach helps a wide range of property buyers.

property buyers coach Melbourne
First Homebuyers

Where do you even start once you have pre-approval to buy your first home?

Access our library of resources, book a one-on-one call or ask our professionals to check out a property on your behalf and buy with confidence.

property buyers coach Melbourne
Upgraders / Downsizers

If it had been a while since your last property purchase, you may feel all at sea.

The Buying Coach provides the information you need to get back in the game, narrow your selection and be the winning bidder on your ideal next property, no matter what size.

property buyers coach Melbourne

Moving states or arriving in Victoria from overseas?

Skip the confusion of finding a home in an unfamiliar market by accessing information and coaching tailored for Victorian property buyers at a fraction of the cost of a buyers agent.

Client Testimonial

As a first time purchaser, the prospect of bidding at an auction was incredibly overwhelming – and bidding is just the beginning! Using The Buying Coach, I felt well prepared and confident enough to not only make a bid but control the pace of the auction. I also felt well equipped to negotiate, knowing I had current market information and comparable sales on hand. In our one on one coaching session the morning of the auction, I found running through possible scenarios, covering terminology and being able to ask ‘what if!’ gave me the best possible chance of success on the day. All in all the auction was as stress-free as possible, thanks to your coaching and the local market information supplied. If attending another auction or purchasing my next property, I wouldn’t hesitate to use The Buying Coach again.


First Home Buyer

As a first home buyer, I would walk into an open for inspection not knowing what to look for, or what questions to ask. After a chat with The Buying Coach, I was able to walk confidently into a home and could very quickly determine if it was suited to me. I am now a happy home owner, and can not thank The Buying Coach enough for their guidance and support during this process!


First Home Buyer